X-Ray NEW ORIENTAL 1000 U-arm

NEW ORIENTAL 1000 U-arm is a multifunctional digital radiographic system, which is mounted to the floor. The rack with U-shaped arc and tube, collimator and digital FPD-DR detector requires a minimum space for installation and meets the requirements of many standard tools in the X-ray study of the chest, both vertically and horizontally.

The resulting amount of information on digital media is more convenient and has a higher quality than the traditional image printed on the film. In addition, economic and high-quality technology of digital radiography fully meet the economic challenges of our time, and thus save patients and doctors both time and money.

Digital Radiographic System NEW ORIENTAL 1000 with an U-shaped arc and FPD-DR detector is compatible with the DICOM standard. This means that you can get all the benefits of digital technology offered by this standard of data storage, printing, medical research and other functions.


  • High quality digital images provide more relevant clinical information;
  • The latest technology for production and processing of images;
  • Low patient X-ray dose;
  • Getting the image in a short period of time with improved recovery function;
  • Mobile X-ray table provides a flexible use of space, makes it possible to conduct radiographic study of all patients, including patients in wheelchairs and stretchers;
  • Numerous image processing functions.