MRI Oni MSK Extreme 1.5T

Mагнитно-резонансный томограф Oni MSK Extreme 1.5T

MSK Extreme 1.5T is a high-field, open, supersensitive magnetic resonance tomographic scanner. MSK Extreme 1.5T magnetic resonance tomographic scanner was developed as a reliable, powerful and accessible scanner ensuring the best level examinations.

A unique open construction of the magnet enables getting images of high quality, improved for limbs.

V-SPEC technologies are efficiency increasing package combining high-field magnet, spectrometry control universal software and protocol of improved transmission coils to get high quality images.




Magnetic resonance tomographic scanning of locomotorium MRIMSK Extreme with V-SPEC technology and magnetic field intensity of 1,5 tesla is specially designed for getting images of limbs:

  • hands;
  • wrists;
  • elbows;
  • feet;
  • ankles;
  • knees. 


Mагнитно-резонансный томограф Oni MSK Extreme 1.5TMагнитно-резонансный томограф Oni MSK Extreme 1.5T