X-ray WDM HF-50

Рентген аппарат WDM HF-50
Equipment of this series consists of the floor-type motorized floating X-ray table with a cassette receiver, tube with a support pillar having high heat capacity and ensuring long non-stop operation during examination. It also has an X-ray radiation generator with power of more than 30 kilowatt, system that prevents anode overheating, stationary diffraction lattice and vertical image stand for examining patients in vertical position.

radiation exposure reduction by 30%.

Apparatus is equipped with a high-frequency generator substantially decreasing radiation exposure, which is especially important in children examination;

high quality of images.

HF50R radiograph has horizontal and vertical diffusing grids bringing positive effect on image accuracy and legibility


Making images and tomograms to diagnose lung deseases and deseases of the osteoarticular apparatus of the whole body, including those of bed-ridden patients.