The medical diagnostic and consulting center “Scan Life” has the best European technologies in Ukraine. We offer our patients different kinds of modern diagnostics:


Angiography - Angiography is an in-depth analysis of the vascular circulatory system. Angiography helps to define the state of collateral blood vessels, their functional status and extent of pathological process.

Computed tomography

Computed tomography Computed tomography (CT) is a method of nondestructive depth profiling studies of internal structure. The method is based on complicated computer processing of X-ray attenuation differences in the density of various tissues. CT is a synonym to the “tomography” term.

Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is based on physical phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance. A static magnetic field creates electromagnetic waves in various combinations. Subsequently, a modified electromagnetic response is created in the nucleus of hydrogen atoms. Thus, a doctor gets a clear picture of the organs and tissues.

Just for you we have got tomographes with the greatest accuracy and the lowest radiation exposure. Computed tomography in Cherkassy is held by using Siemens SOMATOM Spirit.

MRI in other cities:

We have got i_Open 0.36 T in the following cities: Kharkiv, Kherson and Cherkassy. This machine shows the best results over the years, its smooth operation allows to reduce the cost of MRI as much as possible. Thus, the prices of MRI competitors are much higher.

We also have got a special scanner for the joints, ONI MSK Extreme 1.5 T, an X-ray machine WDM HF-50, the dry printer Codonics Horizon and medical disc publisher CodonicsVirtua. Medical diagnostic and consulting centers “Scan Life” now are known to a wide range of people. Since opening we have received many positive comments about our work. We strive to become better and more pleasing to every patient, because health is the main value of life of any person.

Quality and well-timed diagnostics is a guarantee of your longevity.