MRI System for joints O-Scan

O-Scan is a new system of magnetic resonance diagnostics. It combines elegant Italian design, a unique patient comfort, high-quality images of various parts of the musculoskeletal system with high performance. O-Scan ensures the implementation of high-quality MRI scans of the limbs and joints - knee, ankle, foot, ankle, wrist, forearm, elbow joints. The high-tech system of O-Scan is primarily concerned about the comfort of the patient, his optimum ergonomics and is not only a boon for people suffering from claustrophobia, but also allows patients with bigger weight to feel as comfortable as possible.

The unique properties of O-Scan can be evaluated both by doctors and patients, considering the perfect interaction of inpatient and outpatient services:

  • Powerful, compact permanent magnet
  • The modern design of the coils
  • High image quality
  • Open-type MRI
  • Maximum convenience for the patient

Function of real-time imaging allows to receive the image of the joint on the Gentry display and check the position of the patient.